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RF-CampusA Cloud-based Campus Management ERP System For Educational Campuses

RF-CAMPUS is a Cloud-Based E-Governance ERP for digitalization of all the administrative activities of autonomous educational campuses such as IIT, NITs, IIIT, Deemed Universities & all professional colleges. The ERP automates the complete student life cycle and campus administration.

It supports various modern technologies such as – online payment gateway, SMS, smart cards, biometric, email alerts, etc. It is a fully integrated multi-user system with 100% protection against unauthorized access. RF-CAMPUS provides secured, accurate & timely information to users at all levels for better decision making. Also, eliminates duplication of work & hence reduces overall cost & enables better utilization of resources.

RF-Campus Security

  • SSL Certification
  • Encrypted User Password
  • OTP - One-time Password
  • IP Address Authentication
  • Role-based Access
  • Monitoring of User Log

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  • Ready-to-use, comprehensive, and time tested ERP
  • Fastest implementation time - 3 to 6 months
  • Compatible with all the latest technologies such as Cloud Hosting, Online Payments, Mobile Apps, RFID/Smart Cards, Biometric, QR/Barcodes, SMS & Email Alerts, OTP Based Login, SSL Integration, Analytic Tools
  • Customizable as per Institute-specific processes
  • Role-based secure access to all the stakeholders - students, faculty, admin, staff, etc
  • Centralized monitoring of ERP activities by an expert team of ERP Professionals

Features of RF-Campus

  • Smart Integration

    The education ERP is integrated with the latest technology stack such as Online Payment Gateways, Mobile Apps, and Biometric & RFID.

  • Intense Personalization

    RF Campus Management Software is customized with intense personalization which is followed by an in-depth study of the Institute specific processes and requirements.

  • One-Stop Solution

    The Integrated ERP maintains all the data on a centralized database that gets shared across all the modules simultaneously and hence enables you to manage everything from a single platform.

  • Security & Disaster Recovery

    The educational ERP is hosted on highly secured cloud servers with robust encryption, role-based access. Multiple backups ensure disaster recovery management.

  • Easy & Intuitive

    The end-users can access the data required to carry specific processes only, all the information is organized & promptly available with a global search tool which makes the educational ERP very easy-to-use.

  • BI Tools

    Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the form of Analytics Dashboards show crucial information such as region-specific data, gender-specific data, selected field data in a statistical format that is easy to analyze.

RF-Campus features

RF-Campus modules

Part 1 : Student Information Management System

The Student Information Management System (SIMS) to help educational institutions store, retrieve, access, and analyze entire student data including students’ admission details, fees records, academic performance from a centralized location enabling them to organize data systematically & maximize institutional efficiency.


Admission Management Software & Fee Collection System to ease the hassle of online admissions & enable 100% secure fees collection online & offline.

  • Define Institute – Degree, Branches, Courses offered, fees parameters, etc
  • Admission Process for UG, PG & Ph.D - Prospectus Sale, Online Application by the Student, Merit List, Admission or Import of Admission Data
  • Fees Collection – Online, Counter, Challan, Wallets (Multi-currency enabled)
  • Admission Cancellation & Fees Refund
  • Other Receipts
  • Miscellaneous Receipts & Payments
  • Fee Reports – Daily/Monthly Fee Reports – Detail/Summary, Fee Ledger, Outstanding fee, Bank Reports
  • Fees Data Export to Excel


Complete management of student information & records and generation of student related-reports, right from admission to graduation.

  • Student Record Creation & Enrollment Process
  • Roll list, Admission Register & other Reports
  • Smart/RFID Cards and Student Certificates
  • Student MIS Reports


Student Administration module for the automation of entire student lifecycle & analytics-driven reports generation for performance evaluation.

  • Academic Calendar
  • Class/Course Time Table (Course – Teacher Allotment)
  • Course Registration by -Student/Faculty Adviser/Bulk Student Attendance
  • Attendance SMS/Emails to Students-Parents – Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Disciplinary Action Recording by Faculty
  • Student Evaluation - Class/Mid-sem/Test Examination Marks Entry by Faculty
  • Feedback - Faculty Evaluation by Students
  • Academic Performance Analysis
  • Students Transfer/Promotion to Next Semester
  • User-defined Student Info Reports
  • MIS & Graphical Reports

E-Learning Software

The e-learning module is an online learning platform developed with an aim to empower the educational ecosystem by ensuring quality education & enhancing teacher-student engagement. Enriched with advanced features & functionalities such as online assessments, video lectures, and discussion forums, the Learning Management System provides seamless virtual classroom experience to students.


  • Online Lecture: Integrated with Microsoft Teams & Lecture Notes
  • Online Assignment Scheduling & Assessment
  • Online Assessment : MCQs, Descriptive Tests, OTP Based, Question Bank Creation, Schedule Tests
  • E-Content Upload
  • Create Syllabus & Teaching Plan
  • Teacher Student Discussion Forum
  • Internal Mailing & Chat
  • Compatible with Mobile, Tabs & Desktops


To meet the quality education guidelines of NBA, the OBE System enables Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to analyze, map, and evaluate the lessons learnt by students based on questions attempted & attain POs, COs & PEOs.


  • Define Vision, Mission & OBE framework - PO, PEO’s, CO & Mapping
  • Setting up Weightage for Assessment
  • Setting up Thresholds for CO Attainment
  • Mapping CO to Questions
  • Assignments/Survey Creation, Mapping to CO, Evaluating, and Analyze
  • Continuous Improvement of Outcomes


  • CO-PO calculation using Direct & Indirect Assessment
  • Assignment Level/Question-wise Performance Report
  • PO Coverage Report
  • Yearly Attainment of POs
  • CO/PO Attainment Report & Cause Analysis
  • Student-wise Attainment, Course Level Attainment


Choice Based Credit System or CBCS provides a learning platform wherein the student has the flexibility to choose their course from a list of elective, core, and soft skill courses. CBCS follows a credit system that is attached to course components offered to students. CBCS measures various parameters like student performance, outcomes, entrepreneurship skills, contact hours, innovation and creativity talents, etc. The CBCS system is beneficial for Institutes. The student-centric approach of Education creates interest and applicability in the scope of the study. CBCS enables students for better Employment.


Exam Management System to cover all the pre-exam & post exam activities & help in smooth examination conduction and faster & accurate result calculation in campuses.


  • Detention of Students
  • Exam Registration by Students & Approval
  • Exam Roll No. Allotment & Hall Tickets
  • Exam Timetable, Seating Arrangements, Exam Attendance Sheet
  • Invigilation Duty Assignment
  • Pre-Exam Reports


  • Docket Preparation – Absent Student & UFM - Unfair means Entry
  • Paper Bundle generation & Valuer Assignment
  • Marks/Grade Entry by Valuer
  • Grading criteria (Absolute/Relative)/Passing Scheme Definition
  • Finalization of marks by Class-Moderation Committee
  • Result Preparation - Grade, SGPA & CGPA calculation
  • Result Publishing
  • Re-exam/Revaluation/Grievances


  • Pre-Exam Reports
  • Result Analysis Reports & Graphs
  • Grade Cards/Mark sheet
  • Tabulation Register & Gazette
  • Transcript
  • Provisional Degree
  • Degree Certificate with QR-code/RFID
  • Convocation Reports


Training & Placement Module to help educational institutions conduct student placement activities & training successfully.


  • Logins for students, Company and Staff
  • Online Registration & Resume Update by Students
  • Registration & Placement Request by Company
  • Alerts to Students for Placement Schedule
  • Apply for Placement Schedule – by Students
  • Shortlisting of Students as per Requirement
  • Placement Process – Recording of Selected Students after Each Round of Selection Process such as - Online test/Written test, GD/PI/HR Process
  • Final Selection of Students by the Company
  • Acceptance of Job Offer by Student
  • History of Campus Placement
  • MIS Reports


  • Invitation to Companies for Industrial Training
  • Application by the Student for Training
  • Selection of Student based on Company Criteria, Choice & Merit
  • Letter of Training
  • Training Record of Students


Hostel Management System to enable management authorities to keep a tab on students & manage complete hostel-related activities.

  • Defining Hostels – Blocks, Wings, Floors, Room Types & Assets
  • Hostel Admissions & Fees
  • Room/Mess Allotment & Change
  • Admission Cancellation & Fee Refund
  • Mess Bill
  • Student Leaves
  • Student dues Recovery/Refund at the End of Semester/Year
  • Hostel Reports & Certificates


The Student Diary App provides a smartphone based interface of the ERP to the Students, Parents, Faculty & Officials. Eliminate communication gaps via SMS and letters. Messages/Notices can be sent to students through Push notifications – Free of cost. It provides the following options/information to Users based on their role.


  • Student Personal Information, Contact Details & Address
  • Fees Paid & Outstanding Fees
  • Class & Exam Timetable
  • Student Attendance Reports & Analysis
  • Library Issue-return & OPAC
  • Exam Results & Analysis
  • News, Notifications, and Updates


  • Student Class Attendance App
  • Faculty Timetable
  • 360-degree View of any Student
  • Faculty Bio-metric Attendance & Pay Slip

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Part 2 : Campus Administration

The Student Information Management System is integrated with the Campus Administration Module. Thus, institutional data once entered in the system is stored at a centralized location & gets shared across modules to ease the day-to-day administrative hassles of educational institutions by streamlining complex operations & eliminating repetitive paperwork, optimizing resources & maximizing the work efficiency.

ESTABLISHMENT (Human Resource Management System)

Comprehensive Human Resource Management System for the effective management of institution’s staff & faculty in an education system, starts with e-recruitment, payroll processing, leave management, taxation, loan and service book etc.


  • Maintain Employee Profile
  • Process Monthly Pay bills of all employees –Regular, Adhoc & Pensioners
  • Supplementary bills
  • Define Income Tax rules & Calculate Accordingly - Form 16, 24Q…
  • Manage PF
  • Manage DA Arrears


  • Monthly Reports such as Pay-slip, Salary Certificate, Salary Register, Bank Statement, Installment Statement, Schedule – PF, ESIC, LIC, PT, Abstract, etc
  • Annual Reports
  • Income Tax Reports
  • Employee Information Reports
  • ID Cards
  • MIS Reports & Selected Field Flexible Reports


Leave Management Software to manage faculty & staff leaves by reating leave policies, and tracking, approving,and maintaining the correct attendance record.

  • Define Leave Types & Rules - CL, EL, PL, ML, HPL,
  • Leave Opening Balances
  • Online Application & Sanctions
  • Periodic Crediting of Leave & Carry Forward
  • Optional Integration with Biometric Devices


  • Service Book Entries – Personal, Appointments, Family, Nominee, Qualification, Qualifying Service, Pay Revisions, Disciplinary Action, Training & Research, Publications, Leave
  • Scanning & Storage of Employee Original Documents


Accounts software to help college automate financial transactions including billing, payroll, fees, salary, cash books, and ledger heads, with immediate MIS reports in clicks.


  • Define Cash Books, Ledger Heads & Final Account Heads
  • Voucher Entries - Receipts, Payments, JV, Contra
  • Direct Transfer of Summary Data of Salary, Hostel fees, Student Fees, Entries to Accounts (Optional)
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Appropriation & Cheque Printing
  • Final Accounts – Trial balance, Balance Sheet, Receipt & Payment Statement, Income - Expenditure Statement & Final Account Schedules
  • Printing of Cash/Bank/JV & Day books, Ledgers, Final Accounts


  • Accounting with GST & TDS Calculations, Form 26Q
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet of Multiple Cash Books
  • Alerts for TDS & GST payment
  • Bill Passing System – Bill Raising, Approval, Payment Request, Auto Voucher Entry to Cash Book, Cheque Printing
  • Budgeting – Allocation & Monitoring
  • FD – Fixed Deposit Management


RFID based Library Management System Module is multilingual, multi-currency software for the automation of library functions. Supports UNICODE, MARC21 & other Library standards - XML based data import/export.

Acquisition & Cataloging

  • Books Purchase Process
  • Invoicing, Accessioning & Payments
  • Binding, Write-off & Stock Verification
  • Barcode Generation
  • AACR2 Catalogues
  • Budget Utilization Analysis


  • B.T. Records
  • Circulation - Issue, Return & Renewals
  • Reservation/Claims
  • Overdue/Recall Notice, Reminders
  • Clearance & Fines
  • Book Bank
  • Reference Book Circulation

Serial Controls

  • Subscription & Payments
  • Binding
  • Accessioning
  • Indexing
  • Circulation
  • Serial OPAC
  • Newspapers
  • MIS Reports

MIS Reports

  • Utilization of Documents
  • Budget Analysis
  • Reservation/Claims Analysis
  • Graphical Reports
  • Analysis of Documents- According to Various Parameters
  • Summary of Documents – in Binding, Present, Issued


OPAC is a search tool for searching document details according to Accession Number, Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, ISBN, Pub. Year/place, Word in a title, Combinational keywords & Belonging keyword.


Library App - M-OPAC – Campus Library data is stored on Central M-OPAC Cloud along with data of various Libraries. Patrons can search book details from one or many Libraries using M-OPAC App according to Title, Author, Publisher, Keyword, Subject.


This is the latest Library Automation Solution based on UHF RFID Technology, which provides a huge read range of nearly 1.5 metre and more. It efficiently and accurately automates all Library operations such as- self-circulations by patrons, stock verification, book search, anti-theft security and book drop for self return.

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General Administration Modules

The College Administration Software provides the following options/information to students/parents for viewing:

  • Dispatch
  • Vehicle
  • Repair & Maintenance
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