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Centralized School Management System


Cloud based School Management ERP to record, manage, monitor, and analyze, all activities and processes related to student, teacher, and school administration. It supports multi campus structure to enable Multi Academy Trusts, Educational Societies to seamlessly manage all its schools located at multiple campuses across the world.

It provides complete solution for digitization of all academic & non-academic activities in schools by automating:

  • Student Lifecycle comprisingLead/Enquiry Management, Online Admissions & Fees Collection, Timetable, e-Learning or Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information Management, School Bus Management, and Hostel Management.
  • Faculty Lifecycle comprising- Teaching & Class attendance, Assessment & Examinations for All Boards, Marks Valuation & Entry, and Results.
  • School Administration Lifecycle comprising- Accounts, Payroll, Library Management, Dashboards & Reports, and Website.

With a vision to bring maximum value to Indian schools & transform the teaching-learning environment by leveraging integrated cloud-based ERP tools for student & teacher empowerment, and campus Administration – FA Tech ERP Software.

FA Tech CSMS tool for automation of campuses It streamlines all the academic, as well as non-academic work processes in schools &, helps the educators to reach their goals by driving greater efficiency & productivity.

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  • End-to-End Comprehensive Solution

    School ERP to manage all academic & non-academic activities from a centralized platform.

  • FCMS

    The CSMS system is integrated with the CSMS Suite.

  • Analytics Driven Smart Decisions

    In-depth analysis of institutional activities via BI-powered analytics dashboards to foster smart decision-making.

  • Minimizes Workload & Increases Efficiency

    Day-to-day tasks are automated & streamlined which enable faculty to focus better on teaching.

  • Secured Centralized Database

    A secured centralized database to collect, organize & store institutional information safely in a single platform.

  • Affordable Cost

    The School Management System with a multitude of benefits comes at an extremely affordable cost!

  • No Queues for Admissions

    24*7 online admission & fees payment provision eliminates the process of standing in long queues for admission.

  • Zero Paperwork

    ERP enables zero paperwork, provides higher accuracy of student information management.

CSMS Features

  • Complete Integration between Students, Faculty & School Administration
  • End-to-end ERP for School eliminating the need of multiple systems
  • Smart Integrations: Hardware (Biometric, RF-ID, Mobile) & Software
  • Mobile Application & Web based Operations (Fully compatible with Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Compatible)
  • Built on Latest Technology Framework to Support Institutional Processes
  • Faster, Precise, and Safer Institutional Data Migration & Management
RF-Campus features

CSMS Modules

Student Lifecycle

Lead/Enquiry Management

The Lead Management System tracks the entire lead cycle from its generation on receiving enquiry until its successful closure & automates all the crucial activities required for improving the student enrollment ratio in the schools. It enables school staff to run, track, and manage various student acquisition campaigns and enquiries via various mediums such as Social Media, Digital Marketing, SMS, Email, Advertisement etc.

Creates a database of leads simultaneously. Assign & Nourish leads in data-base with tailored content and regular follow-ups.


  • Leads from Social Media
  • Marketing Campaigns Leads
  • Leads Generated via Phone/Emails
  • Leads from Website
  • Successful Leads Closure Reports
  • Complete Lead Performance Reports

Online Admission Management

Online Admission Management Module enables schools to perform the entire admission process online. Integrated with avant-garde technology, it allows school faculty to create admission notifications, on-off line prospectus sales & registration, scrutiny, merit-list, lucky draw & offer letters/SMS to parents. Admission module is linked with the Lead management system for effective management of leads.


  • List of Registered Students
  • Student Application Status
  • Merit List: Category-wise, Scholarships, etc
  • Online Admission Registration
  • Admission Cancellation Report
  • MIS Reports as per Caste, Category, Religion, etc

Fees Collection

All Fees can be collected online or on School/Bank counters in one/multiple installments. The fee collection module defines various types of fees, configure fee rules & create fee demand. All fees-related activities like fee refund, write-off, outstanding fee reminders, fine collection, fee clearance, etc. is managed from a single platform. All Essential Fee related reports like DCR - Daily Collection Report, Outstanding Fees Report can be generated.

For online fee payments, parents/students can use MasterSoft FEEPAYR- a safe & secure online fee payment & collection portal. The amount paid by e-transaction gets deposited in the school's official bank account & e-receipts are sent to the parent’s email Id.


  • Daily Collection Register in three formats-Detailed, Short, and Summary
  • Monthly Collection Register
  • Dues, Paid, and Outstanding Fees
  • Fee Collection Reports
  • Student Fee Ledger
  • Concession & Refunds-Related Reports

Timetable Management

The Timetable Management System helps in smooth management of classes in schools by enabling faculty members to prepare a clash-free timetable by defining subjects, batches, sections, and classrooms. Faculty can access the timetable & information such as lecture timings, daily curriculum, etc by entering their login credentials on the portal.


  • Timetable As Per Classroom, Course & Faculty
  • Subject, Faculty & Class-wise Lecture Reports
  • Complete Attendance Analysis of Faculty & Students
  • Email/SMS/App Alerts

Class Attendance

Attendance can be marked, monitored & tracked in real-time via biometric, RFID, and mobile application (Atcovation). Teachers can view class-wise, pupil-wise email or app push notifications to parents informing them about pupil attendance can be triggered.


  • Class-wise/Student-wise/Section-wise Attendance
  • Monthly/Weekly/Yearly Student Attendance Register
  • Chronic Absenteeism Report
  • Leave Summary Reports
  • Daily Student Tracking Reports
  • SMS/Email Alerts to Parents

Centralized Platform for Seamless Management of Schools

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Student Information Management System (SIMS)

Manage all student-related activities from a Centralized Student Information Management Platform - Admission Record, Section Allotment, Roll List, Admission Register, and Monthly Attendance Sheet for Teachers, Identity Cards, and Board Reports etc. Government & Compliance Reports can be generated in the defined formats.

Enables Continuous Assessments and Evaluation of Students and generation of School Certificates - TC, Bonafide, Character, etc.

SIS supports all the school management requirements including:

  • Detailed students and institutional information
  • Role-based login access for 100% data security
  • Configurable BI-Powered Analytics Dashboard
  • Timetables, Schedules & Curriculum Defining Provision
  • Supports Multi Campus Structure
  • Alumni Information Management

School Bus Management

School Bus Management Software is a GPS-enabled bus tracking system that monitors the school buses in real-time to ensure children's safety while commuting. It helps in creating a safe environment by tracking the driver status, mapping different traveling routes taken by driver, and daily pick-up time & drop-time.

Parents can also trace the school bus via activating GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system in their smartphones until their child reaches school.


  • Complete Safety of Children
  • Lowers Ratio of Mishaps while Traveling
  • Exact Scheduling – Pickup & Drop
  • Improved Routing
  • Real-time Tracking & Visibility
  • SMS/Email Alerts to Parents & Faculty in Emergency

Hostel Management

Hostel Management Software for schools sorts all the in-house hostel requirements by managing crucial activities such as: defining hostel admission and fees, allotment of mess & rooms to students, accurate calculation of monthly mess bill, hostel stores, accounts, and staff payroll.

The school hostel management system is integrated with the fees collection module for seamless fees management of the hostel.


  • Room-wise Student List
  • Vacant Room Report
  • Hostel Attendance Report
  • Fees Dues & Refund Reports
  • Payroll & Stock Register
  • Bills & Balance Payment Reports
  • Financial Accounting & Fine Reports
  • SMS/Email Alerts to Parents, Students & Wardens



The Learning Management System or e-Learning Software digitizes the teaching-learning process & delivers a highly interactive virtual platform for best teacher-student collaboration.


  • Online Teaching Sessions & Lectures
  • Question Banks & e-Library Creation
  • E-content, Assignment & Homework Upload Provision
  • Online Assessments & Evaluation (MCQ and Descriptive)
  • Share Important Announcements
  • Online Communication Forum

Assessments, Examinations, and Results

Define your school's assessment pattern and examination process in ERP (compatible to all Boards). Define subjects, batch wise - class wise exam pattern & schemes and assign weightage to different parameters of assessment. Create exam timetables, assign invigilation duties, seating plan and print necessary exam conduction reports as attendance signing sheet etc.

Results are calculated according to defined assessment patterns. Teachers can enter pupil marks from their respective logins. Processed results can be made available on student & parent login and mobile application. Analytics powered dashboards depict records in graphical form to identify areas for improvement.


  • Grade Cards
  • Admit Cards
  • Tabulation Registers
  • Students Mark lists
  • Student Performance Reports
  • MIS Reports- Class Topper, Subject Topper, etc

School Administration


Automate salary calculation and payroll processing, by defining pay rules, earning and deduction heads with the help of payroll management system. Processed salary can be transferred to the Accounts Module for further processing and distribution.


  • Pay slips
  • Salary Certificates
  • Abstract
  • Bank Statements
  • Attendance Report
  • Annual Salary Report
  • MIS reports according to Pay Scale, Designation, etc


Handle day-to-day accounting operations such as voucher entries, bank reconciliation, payments easily with accounts module. Generate accurate account reports like cash-bank-ledgers, day book ledgers, trial balance, income and expenditure statement, balance sheet, receipt and payment statement. Accounts Module which is integrated with fees, payroll & bus module to facilitate quick and precise operations and eliminate repetition.


  • Cash-Bank-JV- Day book
  • Ledgers
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Receipt & Payment Statement
  • Income & Expenditure Statement

Library Management

Automate all library tasks such as book procurement & payments, accessioning, circulation - issue-return, stock verification, binding, etc with Library Automation Software. Provides options for withdrawal, write-off, and indexing of books.

The Library Management Software supports all modern technologies which include smartphones, email, tablets, SMS, OPAC, and M-OPAC for online book search according to parameters such as the author, title, subject, and the publisher of the book.


  • Accession Register
  • Issue-Return Report
  • Library Card
  • Overdue Notice & Fine Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Budget Analysis

Dashboards & Reports

Access actionable real-time information from data stored such as applied admission count – class-wise and year-on-year - by category - gender, vacancy, geography; fees paid, and outstanding summary class-wise, etc in graphical format through BI-analytics powered dashboards as per school hierarchy.

Comprehensive user defined reports can be generated for all activities and processes for better decision making and compliance.


  • Daily Collection Reports
  • Accounts
  • Payroll
  • Application Stage
  • Many More


MasterSoft Team creates a global gateway for schools by developing a customized website that is inclusive of a rich design, simple & quick navigation, and plagiarism-free, high-quality content. The websites can be made static or dynamic as per institutional requirements. Publish forms, photo gallery, school notices and news, ERP login links, etc.

Our Web Services Include-

  • Static, semi-dynamic & full dynamic web designs
  • Logo design and plagiarism-free content services
  • Site auditing, site maintenance and monitoring
  • Domain booking
  • Virtual & dedicated server web hosting

Digital marketing services

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services
  • Site link-up with popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Mobile Applications

Atcovation: School Mobile App & Portal

Atcovation is a school mobile app that enables the school administrators and teachers to stay connected with parents and students on the go. It drives collaboration between the key stakeholders and provides instant access to key information anytime, from anywhere.


  • Bus Tracking
  • Reports
  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Leave Application
  • Timetable
  • Events & Notices
  • Chat & Broadcast


A safe & secure online fee payment & collection app with 24*7 e-transaction provision. Supports multiple modes of payments such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, etc.

Enables faster fee payments & collection. Fees is directly transferred in the school's bank account, and e-receipt is generated to confirm successful transactions.


  • Daily Collection Register
  • Cashbook-wise Fees Collection Register
  • Course-wise Fees Collection Register
  • Daily & Monthly Summary Reports

Add-on Modules

The following add-on modules of MasterSoft school ERP software offer extended support to ensure all the stakeholders - faculty, parents, and students get best-in-class experience & services.

  • Canteen
  • Co-operative Stores
  • Events
  • More

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