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Biometrics & RFID Attendance Management System for Educational Institutions

Minimize absenteeism & enhance punctuality of your students and staff by tracking & maintaining accurate attendance records!

Biometric & RFID Student Attendance Management System attendance automation system

The majority of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities that rely on traditional paper-based attendance systems have to face a lot of hassles every day. Be it the employees, faculty, and staff attendance or daily attendance of students, on an average 20-30 minutes gets wasted, which otherwise could be reserved for fruitful teaching-learning or other academics-related activities. Also, data entry errors are common when attendance is marked, generating attendance reports manually is difficult, and student data safety remains a point of concern.

To ensure error-free, accurate, faster, convenient, and paperless attendance management, educational institutions can switch to Biometric & RFID based online attendance management systems.

What is RFID?

RF-Attendance provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management in educational institutions. With the RF-Attendance system, student attendance management becomes easier, more efficient and accurate. Proxy attendance can be eliminated or minimized. This attendance tracking system automates the whole system of students registration & ID card printing, automatic attendance recording, data processing on attendance server, daily SMS to parents, weekly & monthly attendance reports for teachers, MIS attendance reports, etc.

Faculty is free from monotonous work of attendance taking in every lecture & they can devote a full lecture for teaching. Parents get daily SMS of classes attended & where about their wards. Students are aware of their accurate attendance.

In LF – Low Frequency Attendance Tracking System, low cost LF card readers are mounted in each class room, labs, hostel, mess, gym, library, fees counter, canteen, post office, bank, etc. Student shows his LF ID card to the Reader or puts a thumb on a biometric reader to mark his attendance/presence. The read range is around 5 centimeters. In a minute, practically, one reader reads around 12-15 students. The data of each reader is automatically transferred to the attendance server many times in a day every day. Attendance server analysis the records & sends appropriate SMS to parents & students at day end.

How Does the RFID Work?

RFID attendance tracking system requires RFID card reader devices & RF-ID cards. The RFID devices connected to the RFID servers can be installed at multiple locations across the campus. The RFID cards need to be distributed amongst students, faculty & staff whose attendance needs to be recorded.

Cloud Based Attendance System to Track Your Students Seamlessly!

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Features & Benefits of RFID

RFID attendance system embedded with advanced features to capture,monitor, and manage accurate attendance of students, staff, and faculty offers a plethora of benefits to stakeholders. Explore the features & benefits of FA TechW highly reliable RFID attendance system here...

Necessity of RF-Attendance

Irregular attendance of students & staff is a major concern of higher authorities in an educational institution. The traditional method of managing attendance is time-consuming & inefficient. In such instances, RF-attendance systems may prove to be a boon.

What is a Biometric Attendance System?

Biometric Attendance System is an advanced real-time attendance monitoring system that enables educators to accurately track the daily attendance record of students, staff, faculty, and other employees in an educational institution. Unlike the RFID system, this online attendance system for students & staff eliminates the chances of proxy attendance by verifying the fingerprint or thumb impression of the user. The biometric time attendance device assists educational institutions to monitor the actual man hours being invested everyday & thus, helps in boosting overall effectiveness.

Explore the advantages, working, and features of the Biometric Attendance System here...

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